Mesisca Riley & Kreitenberg LLP is a partnership between Dennis P. Riley and Rena E. Kreitenberg. Our thirty years of experience in litigation is guided by the pursuit of excellence and passion for the people and companies we represent. Our determination and high professional standards have yielded unparalleled results. We strive to provide creative and personalized solutions to every legal challenge.

Recent Verdicts & Settlements

$399,999.00 – Settlement Personal Injury (Confidential)

$325,000.00 – Settlement Landlord/Tenant Habitability Action (Confidential)

$3,730,000.00 – Judgment in Landlord/Tenant Habitability Action (Lewis, et. al. v. Mikyska, et. al.)

$525,000.00 – Settlement Employment Wrongful Termination (Confidential)

$375,284.43 – Judgment in Civil Rights Action for Excessive Use of Force and Violation of the Bane Act (King v. State of California)

$800,000.00 – Settlement in Civil Rights Action for Wrongful Death and Excessive Use of Force (Nelson v. County of Riverside et al.)

$2,117,646.91 – Judgment in Landlord/Tenant Action for Negligence, Breach of Contract, Retaliatory Eviction and Violation of the Rent Stabilization Ordinance (Vaughn et. al. v. Darwish et. al.)